Our Process

Our process at Odor Busters we thoroughly evaluate your situation and go through a rigorous process to make sure the results are what you want.


We will assess the problem to determine the size generator required to treat affected areas. Then we align our fansto ensure every corner is being treated and properly ventilated. Once completed we install our ozone monitoring system to ensure accurate and safe ozone levels.


We will remove any plants, animals and organic materials that could be affected during treatment and post signage on all entrances to ensure proper safety standards are met.

Bust Odors:

We will set the timers and let the Odor Buster work its magic!

Our service cleans the air and will also remove odors from fabric! It is designed for both large and long-term jobs running continuously for as long.

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Ozone is a colorless gas made of oxygen. Ozone occurs naturally in the atmosphere and serves very important functions in our existence here on earth.

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