How It Works

How is a smell created? Well, it as begins with a healthy bacterial cell (waiting to ruin your day). Ozone comes into contact with the cell wall. The cell wall is vital to the bacteria because it ensures the organism can maintain its shape. As ozone molecules make contact with the cell wall, a reaction called an oxidative burst occurs which literally creates a tiny hole in the cell wall. A newly created hole in the cell wall has injured the bacterium. The bacterium begins to loose its shape while ozone molecules continue creating holes in the cell wall. After thousands of ozone collisions over only a few seconds, the bacterial wall can no longer maintain its shape and the cell dies.

Our service cleans the air and will also remove odors from fabric! It is designed for both large and long-term jobs running continuously for as long as needed. Our ozone machine utilizes ultra violet light to convert oxygen to ozone and Science has proven ozone to be one of the most powerful oxidizing (odor removing) agents know to man.

Specifically designed for large, short-term, commercial use, such as in offices, hospitals, real estate, doctor offices, nursing homes, restaurants, health clubs and large homes; anywhere a large area is confined and the odor problems are moderate to severe and/ or fresh, clean air is desired.