Sports Equipment

We all know sports equipment can get a little smelly. But it is so tough to clean. With OdorBusters versatile system, it allows sanitizing multiple sets of sports equipment, wet suits, life jackets, sleeping bags, bike helmets or any piece of equipment that comes in direct contact with the skin.

Our “shock treatment" process directs high levels of ozone into the areas that make contact with skin, thoroughly sanitizing the gear and killing bacteria on contact. We have a dry chemical free process with no need for special oils, solvents or bleaches or post treatment drying.

Sports equipment can be very costly and you will want to prolong it life.

Hockey Opportunity Camp

Odor Busters partners with Hockey Opportunity Camp offering a mobile (on-site) hockey equipment sanitization solution using state of the art Ozone technology. Campers have their hockey equipment sanitized before heading home.

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